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IT budgets continue to rise as most companies tend to replace outdated tech. AI-powered technologies find their way into enterprises in larger and larger numbers. Devastating cyber security incidents lead to IT spend increases as well. Since many companies plan to innovate and/or upgrade their infrastructure and software, it is not surprising that technology vendors and services are thriving.

Leveraging the Top 5 Customer Experience Trends

According to a recent Gartner survey, the top emerging technologies that will have a significant impact on customer experience are artificial intelligence, virtual customer assistants and chatbots, omnichannel customer engagement, real-time event-driven application architecture, and the Internet of Things.

• The speed and precision of AI will supply the required intelligence that is needed for future projects.

• Virtual customer assistants and chatbots can help improve interactions with employees and customers.

• Omnichannel customer engagement allows companies to meet their customers when and where they are engaged.

• Real-time event-drive application architectures provide guidance based on the users' current situation.

• The Internet of Things gives companies the opportunity to engage with customers through everyday things.


Top 5 Emerging Technologies Worth Investing In

What future technology trends are more than hype, having the potential of producing a significant competitive advantage? The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report mentions sensing and mobility, augmented human tech, postclassical compute and communications, digital ecosystems and advanced AI and analytics.

• Companies targeting the sensing and mobility sector invest resources into 3D-sensing cameras, AR cloud, etc.

• Augmented human technologies involve biochips, augmented intelligence, emotion AI and immersive workspaces.

• Postclassical compute and communications try to find ways to deploy underlying technologies differently.

• Digital ecosystems make use of decentralized digital technologies to reduce friction in business ecosystems.

• Advanced AI and analytics systems include adaptive machine learning, edge AI and analytics, AI PaaS, and more.


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Industry News

antennaT-Mobile Completes Merger with Sprint

T-Mobile US Inc. has recently completed its merger with Sprint Corporation, with the goal of creating a transformative, nationwide 5G network. The company will invest $40 billion into the network, with the goal of increasing its capacity by 1400% within the next six years. According to its representatives, customers will have access to Internet speeds that are about 800% faster than 4G within the next 2-3 years, and 15 times faster than the current version of the cellular network technology over the next six years.


hackersHackers Target Mobile Banking Apps

The FBI warns that a new wave of cyber criminals target mobile banking platforms, trying to steal money from banking accounts. Most attacks are carried out using app-based banking trojans, which hide until a legitimate banking application is downloaded. As soon as that happens, the trojan takes over, capturing the user's login and password information, and then sending them to hackers. Due to social distancing, lots of people use mobile banking, rather than visiting branch locations, so the threat is very serious.


hardwareData Alliance is an Ubiquiti Distributor

The company distributes the full range of Ubiquiti's wireless communication and networking equipment. The product line includes airFiber, AmpliFi, access point equipment, bridges and antennas, EdgeMax - network switches and routers, UniFi - access points, switches, routers and VoIP phones, MFi - sensors that monitor motion, temperature, humidity, current, etc. and UFiber - high-speed data connectivity solutions. Ubiquiti uses Reverse-Polarity SubMiniature version A (RP-SMA) connectors for most of their radio equipment and antennas.


hardwareResearchers Develop Hardware for AI

Artificial Intelligence projects require a lot of computing power, and thus use a lot of energy. A team of engineers has used quantum materials to create dedicated hardware which can learn skills using AI that is similar with the one utilized by software platforms. By incorporating intelligence at the hardware level, and then combining the results with the power of dedicated artificial intelligence algorithms which are implemented by software applications, it will be possible to create powerful, and yet sustainable AI solutions.